It’s Not Like That • Part 2

Picture Perfect • Mark 7:1-23

We all want to look our best. With anything in life we all want to put our best foot forward. We want things to be picture perfect. Who’s to say what the picture should look like? Most of the time we’re inspired to be our best based on the opinion of others. We look to others to tell us what picture perfect is. If we’re honest, that gets exhausting because the picture is always changing. What if there was a better way? What if God has a different idea for what your picture should look like?

Large Group

1.     What was your biggest takeaway from this week’s sermon? Why?

2.     Describe a time in your life when you wanted something to be “picture perfect.”

3.     Read Mark 7:14-23. Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Why does God place such great importance on what is in our hearts rather than on our outward appearance, habits or rituals?

4.     Jesus called the religious people of his day hypocrites. Have you ever heard anyone say that about someone who is religious? Maybe you’ve thought that before. Why do people sometimes feel this way about religious people even today?

5.     In Mark 7:20-23 we see what comes out of a heart not focused on what God cares about.  Can you think of how your heart changes when your focus shifts? How do you keep your heart sensitive to God’s Spirit?

6.     Why is it difficult to believe that God only cares about the condition of our hearts and not what we appear to be on the outside? What is it about our culture or relationships that make this hard to understand?

7.     Read James 4:6. We see that God cares about a heart of humbleness. How can we examine our own hearts to see the rebellion or pride that lurks there?

8.     Describe the most servant-hearted person you know. In which area of your life would you like to be like this person? In what ways do you find yourself most often pretending to be something you’re not? How can you be more authentic on the job? In your community? In your church?

Small Group

1.     Is there a practical way this week you can pursue the things that God cares about?

2.     Talk about the areas you pretend to be something else in your life. Share one specific area you’d like for this group to hold you accountable to change over the next few weeks or months.

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