It's Not Like That • Part 1

It’s not about being taken out, but being sent out • John 17:13-18

You became a follower of Christ, so now what? Many people take the “wait till the end” approach to life. They try and make themselves as comfortable as possible until they die. In reality, however, it’s not like that. Jesus implemented a different plan. A plan that would not take His followers to Heaven, but bring Heaven down to Earth.

Large Group

1.     What was your biggest takeaway from this week’s sermon? Why?

2.     Using James’ illustration of a passenger versus a pilot, which one do you resonate with? How have you seen both in the lives of others?

3.     How does the idea that Christians are going to “escape” this world for Heaven impact how we view our purpose here on Earth?

4.     Read Matthew 6:9-10 & John 14:1-3. According to these passages of Scripture, what is God’s plan for the world?

5.     Read 2 Peter 3:10-13. What do these verses say about the desire to live passively and separate from the brokenness in the world around us? How can we live out Peter’s challenge to “look forward to the day of God and speed its coming”? 

6.     Read John 17:13-18. What are some of the challenges of being called to love a world we do not belong to in the same way that Jesus did? Are there ways we can better prepare our hearts for this mission? As Christ followers, how can we bring God’s love, redemption, restoration, and hope to the brokenness around us? 

Small Group

1.     If you were to move out of your neighborhood, would your neighbors notice?  If you were to leave your job, would your co-workers notice?

2.     Think about the struggles you have on the job, at home, with THAT group of friends, and in your community. What are some practical things you could do with God’s help to show His love and “bring wholeness to what is broken” in one of these areas?

3.     Integrate don’t isolate, Ask “What would love require of me?” and move to make it happen.  Share which one of these steps you will commit to take in the next 24 hours to begin to bring a change in your world for God’s glory.

Life Group Announcements

CHRISTMAS IN JULY | Giving Joy is our annual Christmas Community Outreach to local parents who otherwise might not be able to provide Christmas gifts for their children by hosting a free “shopping” experience including gift wrapping. We are accepting new toy or monetary donations all month long. Please bring your donations to the Sending Zone. Donation suggestions:

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TAKE THE 2C CHALLENGE | We're not taking a vacation from our mission this summer! Each week of our upcoming sermon series, It's Not Like That, we have a chance to join with 2C to help those hurting in our communities.

Week 1 | Drop off one new unwrapped toy(s) or monetary donations during the next five weeks for Giving Joy's Christmas in July!

Week 2 | Serve with Blessed Assurance on July 16

Week 3 | Sign up to serve next month with the Bridge or Mobile Ministry

Week 4 | Stop by the Sending Zone to learn more about 2C after the weekend service.

Week 5 | Participate in the Manna Bag "Make and Take" on July 30/31!