Imaginary god - Part 4

Have you ever been in a really tough moment in your life and some well-meaning person comes up to you and says, “Don’t worry; God is in control. He will cause everything to work out for your good”? But how do we embrace that truth in the middle of our most difficult times?

Large Group

  1. Have you had any opportunities since last weekend to witness God’s “knowing” in a situation in your life? What was your take of it at the time? Were you able to apply the truths to your situation?
  2. When have you felt you had control over a situation only to discover you made a mess of things and generated anger or resentment towards God?
  3. When have you felt hopelessly out of control regarding a problem or situation in your life, only to have God show His mercy by taking control of the situation and working it out for your good?
  4. Can you think of things that have happened in your life that you were not grateful for at the time, but that you can now see the truth in Romans 8:28 that God was working for your good? Does looking back and remembering how God has been faithful in the past help you trust Him now? 
  5. Read Romans 8:28-31. Do you believe that God is for you? Does the way you trust God (as the navigator of your life) show how much you actually believe that God is for you?   
  6. Does the promise that God is working in your circumstances for your ultimate good change your outlook on suffering? What are some of the things going on right now in your life that you can thank Him for even though they may not be what you would choose?

Small Groups

  1. What is it that drives your emotions these days - a relationship, finances, your job, kids? How could God possibly be in control when the situation is so out of control? Now, visualizing God’s sovereign hand on your life, how can you thank Him in the midst of the chaos of your life - and mean it? 

  2. Pray for each other, that the truths from this message take root and you can start to thank God in every situation that comes your way.


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