Imaginary god • Part 2

Every single person has a view of god; even those who don’t believe in god have a view of god. So here’s the question: Where did your view of god come from? Can it be possible to change how we have viewed God and begin to see Him as He truly is? 

Stepping Up Take some time to celebrate, in your group, all that God has done in and through the launching of Stepping Up. What was one takeaway for you during the Stepping Up portion from this past week’s service? What encouraged you the most and what challenged you the most so far regarding Stepping Up? 

Large Group

  1. Each of us has our own personal view or image of God. It has probably changed as you have gotten older. Where did your personal view of God come from and has it developed over the years? 
  2. Our circumstances and personal experiences (good or bad) help to create our image of God. What experiences or circumstances have you endured in your life that have helped to create your image of God? 
  3. At times, worry, fear and disappointment fill us with doubt. What if the god you’re struggling to believe in never existed in the first place? How would that impact you? 
  4. Seeing the picture of the Earth from the Voyager 1 space craft, what thoughts crossed your mind about the nature of God? Read Ephesians 3:20. The God who made that Earth and all the magnificent galaxies of our universe is the God who works in you. How does that picture along with scripture change your perspective on how God can work in your life?
  5. Pastor James asked, “What would it look like for you to believe that God had the power to do all things?” Take moment to reflect on this question. Describe a challenge that’s before you and discuss how your perspective changes when you truly believed that God has the power to do all things.

Small Group

  1. As you comprehend the power of God, what action can you take to show that you really trust Him to help you with the challenge that’s before you? Think about this; where will you be 3 months, 6 months, or a year from now if you refuse to trust Jesus and walk away? 

  2. Place your trust not in the impossibility of your circumstances, but in the God who can do the impossible. What circumstance do you secretly think will never change? How can this group help you place your trust in the God of the Impossible with this circumstance? 


Life Group Announcements

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