Pray for our March 2017 Team

Nancy Shaffer – Paul Shaffer – Joe LaBash – Maggie Ricciardelli – Rick Ricciardelli – Pastor Jeremy Beeler – Richard Phillips – Jon Helms – Charlie Smoak – Matthew Loughry – Tommy Coleman – Smiles, Nancy

Matt Loughry – Construction Team

  1. Safety and smooth travels for the team. 
  2. That I would be an ambassador to Christ with everything I do and say. 
  3. That I would have a servant's heart the entire time there, no matter what happens. 
  4. That we would all see God in a new way. That He would speak to our hearts with a new passion and clarity. 

Tommy Coleman – Construction Team

  1. Please pray for the Haiti Mission team. Pray for safe travels, open minds and hearts, Christ inspired thoughts and actions. 
  2. Please pray for the Haitian pastor, his family and his community. Pray that they use their new church as intended, to glorify God and help the community grow as Christians. 
  3. Please pray for our families at home, that they are safe and content while we are away. Pray that everyone prays for us daily, as it is so important. 
  4. Please pray for the team’s leading the Pastors' Conference and Bible School. Pray that they influence our Haitian brothers and sisters to follow Christ as the Bible teaches us all to follow Him. 

Charlie Smoak – Construction Team

  1. Safety as we build, handle materials, and work with tools. And for the completion of the building project so it may be used by the local church body. 
  2. This church building to be used to glorify God and as a tool to witness and disciple believers. 
  3. Haitian pastors to be empowered and motivated to finish the race. 
  4. That I may bring glory and praise to all I do and say. 

To our amazing prayer partners, 

Thank you so much for committing to be a prayer partner for our team! We cannot tell you how important it is to know that you will be praying for us while we are in Haiti. There is nothing greater that you can do for our team while we’re away, but to pour out the power of prayer. We are blessed to have hundreds of people who have covenanted to pour out their hearts to God both for us personally, as well as for the Kingdom work that will be done while we are in Haiti. Again, thank you. We love you dearly! 

The Haiti Team – March 2017